Hacked Entricles, follow the course of paraventricular veins; optic nerves and chiasm, brain stem, fiber tracts, cerebellum and spinal cord multiple sclerosismicroscopic:active plaqueongoing myelin breakdown: lipid-rich macrophages, pas(+) debris, perivascular cuffs of inflammatory cells (lymphocytes, monocytes)relative preservation of axonsdepletion of oligodendrocytesin time, reactive astrocytes multiple sclerosisinactive plaquebecome quiescent – diminution of inflammatory cellsat the center – no myelin, reduced nuclei of oligodendrocytes; astrocytic proliferation and gliosisdepleted myelin in axons multiple sclerosisshadow plaqueborder between normal and affected white matter – not sharply circumscribedabnormally thinned-out myelin sheaths (partial or incomplete loss of myelin or remyelinization of surviving oligodendrocytes) multiple sclerosisclinical features anywhere in the cns – wide range of clinical manifestation unilateral visual impairment – optic neuritis or retrobulbar neuritis brain stem – cranial nerve signs, ataxia, nystagmus, ophthalmoplegia spinal cord – motor/sensory impairment, spasticity, difficulties in voluntary control of bladder function csf: mildly elevated protein, moderate pleocytosis, increased gamma globulin – oligoclonal bands multiple sclerosis variantsneuromyelitis optica or devic disease bilateral optic neuritis, spinal cord involvement rapidly and relentlessly progressive or as single episode more destructive lesions acute ms (marburg form) young with fulminant clinical course plaques are large and numerous degenerative diseasesgray matter disease with progressive loss of neuronssecondary changes in white matter tractscharacteristics:selective pattern of neuronal lossarises without clear inciting event in patient without previous neurologic deficitsfindings: intracellular abnormalities only loss of affected neurons degenerative diseasesgrouped according to anatomic regions affectedcerebral cortex – alzheimer diseasesubcortical areas – movement disorders (tremors and dyskinesias): parkinsonism, huntington’s chorea, etc. buy viagra from canada viagra generic discount viagra coupons online viagra coupons online Generic viagra availability united states cheap generic viagra viagra patent expiration date Development of protein aggregatesresistant to degradationrecognized as inclusiongenerally cytotoxic alzheimer diseasedementia – progressive loss of cognitive function independent of the state of attentioninsidious impairment of higher intellectual function, mood and behavioral alterationsprogressive disorientation, memory loss, aphasia5 to 10 yrs – disabled, mute, immobilemostly sporadic, elderly – major medical, social and economic problems alzheimer diseasegrossly:cortical atrophy: wide sulci (frontal, temporal, par. buy viagra in us generic viagra usa pharmacy viagra buy cheap generic viagra shipping from canada viamedic com viagra coupon buy canadian viagra online today Viagra triangle chicago restaurants Viagra online us no prescription generic viagra shipping from canada viagra gel for sale uk viagra sildenafil 50mg side effects buy generic viagra By Bo-NorH # HaCkReS.KuWaiT

# Dear Administrator
Your Website was Hacked !
# Just Testing My Skills s00ry

# This is Not a Joke, This is An EPIC FAIL..
# Server Rooted ...
# sh: no job control in this shell
# sh-3.00# id
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Greetz To : ALL ....Muslims

From # KuWaiT # with love

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